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The Science

High Potential Electrostatic (HPE) Therapy and its effect on cell membranes

When we are barefoot in nature for extended periods of time, we absorb electrostatic energy naturally, through our feet. This energy is as essential to life as oxygen or water.

When humans are young, their cells have a membrane “electric potential” that is strong and unworn/undamaged. As we age, the membrane “electric potential” drops.

This vital exchange process provides humans with all their energy, it prevents toxins from accumulating and makes up the basis of all metabolism.

The ageing cell membrane “electric potential” becomes stimulated by this ultra-high external electric source and will start to revitalise – almost like a battery being charged.

High Potential Electrostatic (HPE) Therapy combined with Negative Ion Therapy and the effect on blood vessels and blood flow

After people pass a certain age, the overall vitality of their cells decreases. Combined with unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, fat and cholesterol residues gradually build up in the blood stream.

This build up narrows the passage and further clogging is inevitable – the cause of a lot of common and chronic health problems.

The tension of this special ionically charged electrical field starts to break down the residue bit by bit, and the residual matter becomes loose.

Over time, with continuous, regular HPE Therapy, layer by layer the clogging is reduced, and the passages of the blood vessels widen.

With cleaner passages, blood flow improves again. Meanwhile, the cells are also re-awakened, charged with increased energy and vitality.

Negative Ion Natural Energy, influencing electrical charge in blood capillary cells – restoring good pH balance

For human cells to have full vitality, they need to be in a healthy environment. This state is known as a healthy pH balance. Acidity pH in human blood is bad and alkaline pH is good.

As people age their bloodstream’s residues of fat, cholesterol and polysaccharide matter are mostly acidic by nature. Blood vessels, filled with sticky and acidic residue, become clogged and blood flow is hindered.

The body’s internal environment becomes acidic and dangerously out of balance.

This natural ionic energy stimulates enzyme activity, restores ion exchange, enhances the vitality of cells and repairs sluggish metabolism.

The body moves from a toxic, acidic state to a much healthier alternative state, known as a healthy pH balance. In this balanced native environment, the body’s cells have the chance to regain and retain full vitality.

Pulsed Electromagnetic (PEMF) Therapy addressing repair of tissues and injury sites

Absorbing adequate levels of planet earth’s natural electromagnetic energy is as critical to survival as water.

Throughout life, and as a body ages, it is inevitably subjected to unintended injuries and trauma.

The body needs to clean up a mixture of fluids and fracture particles, often needing to spend days or even weeks resolving this congestion before repair can start and pain can abate.

Using this natural energy, local magnetic swirls are created inside the body that mimic the earth’s own natural PEMF frequencies. These magnetic swirls gently push and pull in countless circles inside the congested area.

By expediting the clean-up process, allowing the capillaries and tissues to realign and reconnect; pain is quickly reduced. Tissues, muscles and bones recover to their original state.

Key PEMF benefits are reduction of inflammation and swelling, effective pain relief, restoration of damaged tissues, bone repair and increased bone density.

Thermobustion Therapy - special warmth onto reflex points to enhance circulation

Thermobustion Therapy is the application of appropriate specialist heat levels onto reflex points or onto other acupoints (meridian lines of body energy flow).

Working in a similar way to acupuncture and reflexology, this gentle, uniquely penetrating heat applied to the sole of the foot for instance, boosts and improves local blood circulation.

According to oriental reflexology, stimulation on reflex points or acupoints can also soothe and treat many linked body parts and organs concurrently.

Thermobustion Therapy aids a whole-body effect from ingestion of the earth’s natural energies, as well as nourishing the body’s endocrine system – supporting improved sleep and stress reduction.

Far Infrared Therapy for softening blood vessels and reducing inflammation

One of the key health benefits of Far Infrared Therapy is improvement in cardiovascular health.

Far Infrared Therapy is also an effective and safe remedy for pain and inflammation. It can penetrate deep through the layers of the skin, to the muscles and bones.

In the absence of everyday access to direct sunlight, we need to supplement the body’s supply of this natural energy.

Far Infrared Therapy is an invisible light which importantly increases the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, a vital signalling molecule that is important for the health of blood vessels.

Scientifically proven to enhance detoxification, relieve pain, reduce muscle tension, enable relaxation, improve circulation, purify skin, boost the body’s natural immune system and lower blood pressure.

Because Far Infrared Therapy enhances and improves circulation in the skin and other parts of the body, it can assist in delivering oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues, promoting swifter healing.

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