During the last 150 years, Western medicine has been extremely successful in extending life expectancy and great improvements and enhancements are happening every day. 

Of course, it's fair to say that, most of those improvements have focused on drugs and surgery reactively treating sickness symptoms, instead of dealing with the cause of those symptoms.

In the East, the focus has always been geared to treating the cause of any illness and applying person-centred self-healing. 

The increase in life expectancy there, has shown that this approach has been highly successful.

It has also seen it keep pace with the West, but by using many fewer chemicals, less surgery and at a less cost overall.

This did not go unnoticed. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) created a ten-year program and strategy to combine and blend the best of all global medical processes. 

In December 2018, this was supported by the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare in the UK (PGIH) who produced a new Report that recommended 

They felt, quite rightly, that an East/West healthcare integration would benefit all. 

This meant a shift towards supporting and empowering self-healing in a more chemical-free manner. The committee also called for radical healthcare pathway redesign.

energy5 is one of the first examples of this integration and is seen to be an important, proven technology – new to the West -which will significantly assist in this new approach to person-centred healthcare. 

The device first saw the light of day over a decade ago. The first energy5 device was named PZ-100 and classed as high-potential therapeutic apparatus. 

The Product inventor was Professor Pan Jianye, who was Senior Engineer at The Chinese Academy of Sciences visiting Scholar. 

Pan Jianye had, for many years, studied the possibilities of high-potential therapeutic devices that can serve the main stream people.

He realised that any such therapeutic device should adopt the essence of western high-potential technology, but also challenge the original early technical framework. 

Starting from scratch, he completely redesigned the structure, function and usage, conducting much of his research in Germany and Switzerland.

He created the prototype of energy5 - a high-potential PEMF and multi-energy therapeutic device that had sophistication, as well as significant medical advantages.

Over a decade of testing by more than two million people, has seen this astonishing product, develop and grow into what you see today.

Professor Pan Jianye 

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