Is the device tried and tested?

Yes; tens of thousands of energy5 have been sold in China, Hong Kong and Singapore during the last decade. 

Does the factory have robust quality standards?

Yes; in 2010 the energy5 factory processes were examined by the German standards bodyTUV and they issued a certificate for total conformance to the international ISO13485 quality standard to produce these devices. 

Is the device safe to use for extended periods?

Yes; some people use energy5 for many hours each day and get lots of benefit. Because the energies are all totally natural, there are no ill effects.

What is the optimum daily use time?

Most people use energy5 whilst relaxing, reading, computer working or watching TV. The device is pre-set to switch off after 60 minutes. The ideal minimum daily use is 30 to 60 minutes. 

What are the energies that energy5 generates?

The five natural energies are: Far Infrared, Negative Ion, Thermobustion, Electro-magnetic and Electrostatic. 

Is energy5 only suitable for humans? 

No, we have several examples of animals and pets that have been treated using energy5, with positive and heart-warming results. 

I am taking medicines – how does energy5 affect this? 

Several scientific trials have demonstrated that energy5 increases bioavailability. This means that medicines, herbs and cosmetic treatments are more quickly and effectively absorbed. Their benefits may be enhanced significantly. If you’re in doubt or concerned, please discuss the matter with your doctor or pharmacist. 

Is there a danger for excessive radiation to be emitted from the device?

No; in 2019, the world’s most trusted safety and quality testing organisation (SGS) created a portfolio of excellent test results. They declared the device totally safe when used in line with the instructions. 

Do you need to have a chronic condition or illness to benefit from using energy5 regularly?

Those who will experience the greatest benefit have a pre-existing condition and are therefore able to measure improvements. But all human bodies need to stay well. Peak performance and wellness is achieved and maintained when all five of these natural energies are in good supply.

Is there an ideal age group for energy5 users?

Every age group will benefit, especially those over 50. We have a case of a three-year-oldchild (daughter of an energy5 director) who has used energy5 every day of her life so far –she has never even had a cold! We have many other documented examples of people of all ages whose wellness has improved with regular use of energy5. 

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