Everyone accepts that health is everything. Without health, we have nothing.

Nature is wonderful - and the most complex and astonishing naturally-created element of all - is the human body. It's designed to maintain and repair itself in an extraordinary way. 

But, it does need help from time to time. 

energy5 is a proven, safe, effective product packed with unique, patented technologies that has provided - and will continue to provide - exactly that. 

Please take a little time to read some of the stories below. They are inspirational and, in some cases, truly life-changing. 

TC (born 1966) 

"I didn’t want to use energy5 and was very sceptical about its capability to help me with my knee pain, but my husband had such a good experience, that it was impossible to resist his insistence that I may also benefit from an hour a day using it. 

Frankly, my knee discomfort actually got worse in the first month, but I persevered and I am so glad I did. It has been six months of use now but for my knee, it is like turning the clock back several years. 

Almost zero pain climbing stairs - and my skin tone is better too. I swear it has helped my immunity as well – I am a convert”. 

JC (born 1955) 

"I did find that my long-running problem with haemorrhoids miraculously went away on week fourteen. Otherwise, I knew I was fairly fit, so I decided to track some vital signs to see the progress from daily use of energy5.

I measured my blood pressure (BP) for 24 consecutive weeks and my heart rate variability (HRV) over the same time frame. As well as feeling fresher, having zero colds or ailments over the winter and (WOW) my skin and hair looking more like they did five years earlier – my blood pressure improved steadily from an average of 140/85 to 130/79 and my HRV improved from 178 to 210. 

I sleep better too! No way will I stop using it. Sometimes, it is under my desk for three or four hours a day”.

KMC (born 1931) 

“I have been a daily user of energy5 for over a year now. My results are amazing. 

Previously I had foot and ankle swelling with associated pain. I was very unsteady on my feet and had a really pronounced hunch stance. 

Now, I am pain-free. I can wear shoes again. I walk with confidence and for the first time in several years, I can stand UPRIGHT and can clean my own home. 

Ah! Safe and independent again after so many years of steady decline”. 

LW (born 1952)

“I had suffered with pain and swelling in my knee for a long time and when I heard of energy5’s claims, I thought “here we go again”. Nothing had worked as promised up to that point. 

However, I diligently followed the instructions, using the device every day. It took a while but after six or eight weeks, I could tell the difference in my knee and as a side benefit, my complexion had visibly improved. 

Six months on, the knee was much better, from not bearing any touch at the start, to being able to kneel without pain now for the first time in ages. 

It really works and I will never stop using it. Thank you”.

AM (born 2000) 

“What can I say? energy5 is amazing!! I have noticed that my premenstrual headaches and pains have completely gone, my complexion has improved, and I have just gone through the winter period with no symptoms of teenage arthritis in my hands at all that I usually experience. 

energy5 is truly life changing”. 

VT (born 1952) 

"My lifelong love of golf is legendary among my friends, but my back and hip pain is interfering with my ability to play. 

I’m using energy5 to see if it helps and after a few weeks, following the instructions to use it every day, the pain is much more manageable. It’s getting better and better. What a miracle. No fuss, no drugs, no bother at all. 

I am sold on energy5”.

DM (born 1968) 

“I have been blown away by the effect that the energy5 device has had to my overall health and general feeling of wellbeing. After just a few weeks of use, I noticed a number of changes. 

The quality of my sleep has improved significantly. I now fall asleep more or less straight away and I wake up full of energy and ready for the day without the usual early morning sluggishness. 

I had been experiencing premenopausal night sweats which have completely gone. The lower back pains that I had lived with and became used to, have almost completely gone which has been so liberating. I love the simplicity and ease of use of the energy5 device.

If I’m working from home, I have the device under my feet as I work or if I’m watching TV, I do the same. It’s almost effortless! What’s more, the whole family use it and are benefiting from it too. 

I would highly recommend energy5 to anybody that is interested in improving the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families naturally and effortlessly”. 

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