energy5 is innovative and proven. It is a PEMF and multi-energy wellness activation and therapeutic device, without equal in the world. 

It was designed in China and precision-engineered in Taiwan, using military-grade components. 

energy5 creates natural wellness and vitality, by delivering five natural energies into the body. These are: 

1. Electromagnetic Therapy 

Electromagnetic energies transmit at low frequency and they speed up the transportation flow of protein molecules –reducing swelling, speeding healing processes and restoring damaged tissue or bone.

2. High Potential Electrostatic Therapy

Electrostatic energy, when introduced as a high static electrical field, generates countless micro fields. This means that each body cell will benefit from enhanced absorption of nutritional particles – enhancing cell vitality, improving immunity and stimulating enzyme activity. 

3. Far Infrared Therapy

These natural energies are absorbed by tissue, raising the kinetic energy of the tissues – softening blood vessels, reducing inflammation and improving circulation. 

4. Negative Ion Therapy

These natural energies, in conjunction with electrostatic induction, influence the electrical charge at cellular level in blood capillaries, thereby restoring PH balance in blood. This triggers an improved immune system, enhanced energy and improves cardio-pulmonary functions. 

5. Moxibustion Therapy 

This is also called Thermobustion - which is the application of appropriate heat levels onto acupoints (Meridian Lines) to improve and upgrade Qi (life-force) levels –promoting improved blood flow and nourishing the endocrine system. 

And it does all this, totally safely - and very simply.

You just place your choice of body part next to, or on, the device - this could be your feet,or your tummy, or you could sit or lie on it. 

You switch it on - and let it do its job for half an hour, or an hour a day. You could be having your breakfast with your feet placed on it, or just resting with it on your lap. 

The delivery of these five key natural energies, activates body cells and enhances the human immune system, enabling the human body to operate at optimum levels. 

The PEMF and multi-energy device has been in continual use in several Asian countries for over a decade and used by over two million people everyday - with remarkable results. There have been no negative outcomes or any reports of problems.

Only positive and life-changing stories. 

Now energy5 is available in the UK for the very first time. 

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