Eastern practices have believed for generations, that our body is a small universe and it is balanced when we are born. 

When we become ill, bacteria from that illness, upsets the balance. 

So, our body's immune system has the capability to attack the bacteria and return the body to its original healthy balanced environment. 

energy5 helps to energise body cells to become more active in taking in nutrients, improving blood quality and circulation - and fighting bacteria. This results in the regeneration of the body’s healing abilities and a reduction in inflammation, pain and ill health.

In other words, helping to keep the internal human body environment totally balanced at all times. 

For more than a decade, over 2 million people have regularly used the energy5 device at home and in over 300 hospitals and institutes -and some of the results have been astonishing.

The data and evidence obtained from the users tests have shown quite clearly that the device is extremely effective at activating body cells - and therefore able to enhance the human immune system. 

These positive effects have been successful on various symptoms and diseases, both curing and helping to facilitate any on-going medical treatment. 

In all this time - over 10 years - not one single negative - or allergic report - has been received.

Instead, due to its unique physical energy-charging principles, the majority of the users, experienced remarkable recovery of their energy levels and an improved feeling of well-being and vitality. 

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